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Photography is what I love. I love getting up before dawn to photograph the sunrise or the reflections of the mountains in a beautiful lake or the frozen grass as the sunlight hits it. I have hiked miles to photograph Anasazi ruins in the desert. I have been a part of hot air balloon crews so that I was able to have the opportunity to photograph the Albuquerque sky full of hot air balloons from the air. I study art, and I subscribe to too many magazines full of photography. It is my passion. It fills my day with challenges, and it excites me every time I have something to go photograph.

Being a wedding photographer is an amazing experience. I have the opportunity to be there for all of the a bridal couple’s special moments. I get to meet all of their family, and sometimes even their pets.  I am there when they commit their lives to each other, when they cry with their parents, and as they spend moments alone and enjoy the day that they have spent hours and hours planning. I value the relationships with the people I photograph. I want to know who they are so that I can capture their moments in a way that is true to who they are. Great wedding photography is not about checking photographs off of a “wedding photography list”, it is about capturing the experience of the day.

When I photograph a wedding, I find that spending some time with the couple first is important. The engagement session is a fantastic way for us to spend some time together and gives the couple a chance to get comfortable with the camera. I like to hear your stories, and laugh at your jokes. I want you to ask questions and express things that you may be worried about.

I want you to come away from your experience with me as your wedding photographer feeling like you just spent time with a new friend. I want your photographs to express the joy of the day and the love of your family and friends.


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